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Glen Allen, Virginnia

I was fitted just recently for bifocals at Lenscrafters...

Posted: 1762 days ago

I was fitted just recently for bifocals at Lenscrafters at a cost of more than $350 for one pair of glasses no scratch-resistance or anti-glare coatings. The quality of the frame was okay, for $100, but the lenses - I still couldn't see very well.

I needed a second pair of glasses as a backup pair, and thought to myself that it was worth a try to purchase them online that I really didn't have much to lose. Eyewear Insight had the best prices, best frame selection, easiest ordering process, and the easiest to use website. The anti-scratch and anti-glare features were included in the lens price, and there was a wide variety of lenses to choose from. I found a frame I liked, put in all of my prescription information, and went through the easy checkout process. In a relatively short period of time, I received my new glasses. They looked great, but my biggest surprise was that I see BETTER with them than I do with my $350 Lenscrafters pair! My backup pair suddenly became my primary pair of glasses, and I couldn't be more pleased!

Eyewear Insight is fantastic, and I would highly recommend to anyone including bifocal wearers to give them a try. You certainly won't be disappointed! In fact, I will be ordering another pair to be my NEW backup pair and put the Lenscrafters glasses away for an emergency like the dog eating my first Eyewear Insight pair and me losing the second Eyewear Insight pair that I'll be ordering soon.

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